Message from Tanaka sensei

Thank you very much for gathering to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Metamaterials Laboratory (Mets) in spite of your busy schedule. Time really flies and 10 years has passed by like a flash, but once I look back last decade, there are so many invaluable memories.

When I started Mets, it was 2008, I was alone and I did not have any staffs and any students. Under such a circumstance, Takeyasu-san helped me and we two started to build-up new lab. First of all, we introduced an optical table to room E102, which was completely empty as shown in photograph. The table was the biggest one among I ever bought. I remember clearly that when we saw a huge number of screw holes on the table, we felt unlimited possibilities in the future. From 2009, three postdocs, Ryoko-san, Kanna-san, and Xu-kun, joined to my lab. I asked Ryoko-san to build up room W320 in which there is nothing except for main experimental desk. Owing to her great efforts, now we can do experiments with any difficulties. After that, Wakana-san and Ishikawa-kun joined my lab. They also helped me to build up rooms of W318, W322, E102, and E104, installing SEM, RIE, FTIR, EB evaporator, and so on. In this way, Mets’s basic research infrastructures have built. From 2010, I was asked to make a satellite lab. in Hokkaido university. Yukie-san joined us and she supported me to manage the satellite lab for five years. It was again the starting lab. from “nothing” in the unique environment that cows were walking in the grass field.

I cannot write the names of all members, but I thank all members for fully utilizing and improving the experimental environments, and accomplishing the worldwide research progresses.

As you know, Mets cannot provide permanent position in RIKEN and it is the serious handicap. However, I sometimes think that this situation helps us to make it easy to establish our networks. Actually, all members left Mets are working very very active and now our network has extended not only in Japan but also in the world. I hope that all members keep this network and extend this not only with me but also between each member like as spider’s web.

For the next 10 years, I would like to ask you for continued support for Mets and, of course, if you have any problem or difficulties, please do not hesitate to ask Mets or Mets members for help.

In the last, I pray for health and great success of all members.

Messages from the members

Xu FANG(2009-2011)

A big Thank You to Tanaka-sensei and many others that worked with me in my three years in RIKEN. I hugely benefited from that experience, which formed the basis for my research today. I wish Tanaka-sensei and every lab member success in the future.

Gaige ZHENG(2009-2011)

Thanks for your email. It is a great news that we will have the 10th anniversary party for Metamaterials Laboratory.

  I am very sorry to say that I can not attend this anniversary because of the teaching affairs. However, I met with Tanaka-sensei in May.

  In fact, I visited Metamaterials Laboratory last July.

  In addition, I sincerely invite you to visit our university if you come to China.  

  I usually miss the time spent with you and worked in Metamaterials Laboratory! 

Best wishes and regards,    Gaige

Shin YAGINUMA(2011-2012)

Dr. Tanaka, congratulations on Mets 10th anniversary and chief position! ! I will be on a bus at this time around the return from Twin Ring Motegi due to student leadership. I remember my happy days at Met's now well at such time. It is mountains that I would like to see with Mets at the time, but this time I am really sorry. I pray for Mets' further development and I believe that there will be opportunities to gather again. I have a book of metamaterials that I bought a while ago, so it would be greatly appreciated when I could see you if you could see me.


Mizue MIYASHITA(2011-2012)

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary and your chief scientist position. I am sorry I can not join, but I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.
I would like to visit you to greet on RIKEN Open day.


Makoto DAIGO(2012-2013)

Congratulations on your chief position. I hope your continued progress and your development of the laboratory. Many things that I learned in the laboratory during my school days are helpful for my present work.


Tatsuumi AOKI(2014-2015)

Mr. Tanaka, the metamaterials laboratory
I am a graduate of Gakushuin University in 2015, Tokyo Electric Power Grid Co., Ltd.
I sincerely congratulate you on the 10th anniversary of the Metamaterials Laboratory establishment, and also Mr. Tanaka's chief scientist position.
I always look up to Mr. Tanaka's approach to work, always looking at what I am seriously facing in everything.

While teaching at the laboratory, I got a lot of things taught, and I got a lot of experience. I thank you enough for your words.
I understand that you are busy every day, but I pray for your self-esteem.
I hope Tanaka and Meta Materials Laboratory for their continued success and further development.
I will excuse you by e-mail while being abbreviated.


Tomohiro AMEMIYA(2014-)

Congratulations on your being 10th anniversary this time


Renilkumar MUDACHATI (2015-)

Dear Tanaka Sensie,

             On this precious occasion of celebrating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Metamaterials Laboratory, I wish you all the very best in accomplishing its mission and goals through cutting edge research and may the lab produce ground breaking results for the many many years to come.I had been the part of the lab for 4 years of the 10 years of its functioning and I am proud in contributing to the growth and development of the laboratory. I am indebted to Tanaka Sensei for accepting me as an FPR and allowed to work in the MM Laboratory where I got an exposure to the emerging areas of Plasmonics and Metamaterials. Now I am a visiting researcher in the MM lab and will keep in touch with all the members of the MM lab for the many many years to come.



Che-Chin CHEN(2015-)

Congratulations to the 10th Anniversary of Metamaterials Laboratory!

It has been my great pleasure to be a member of MM Lab these yeas.

ITRC values the great collaborative partnership with RIKEN, and sincerely look forward to another fruitful decade of collaboration!